Arts in ElderCare Seminar 2016 Videos
Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Health
18 Sep 2016 | 149 Views
Kathy Lai, Chief Executive Officer, National Arts Council; Board Member, National Gallery Singapore
19 Sep 2016 | 181 Views
Tim Carpenter, Founder, EngAGE (US)
How can creativity be injected in senior communities for more holistic ageing-in-place? Carpenter’s sharing will delve into the value of engaging seniors through the arts in the spaces they reside, turning them into vibrant centres of learning and creativity.
19 Sep 2016 | 119 Views
Professor Kua Ee Heok, Professor of Psychiatry, NUS & Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, NUH (SG)
The Jurong Ageing Study is the first research in Asia on dementia prevention. Besides health education, the interventional modalities include music-reminiscence, art activities, mindfulness practice and tai-chi. The success of the project has led to an extension of the programme to other community centres in Singapore. The results of the Dementia Prevention Programme (DPP) will be discussed at the lecture.
19 Sep 2016 | 178 Views
Tim Carpenter, Yoko Hayashi, Evelyna Liang, Professor Kua and Angie Seah (Moderated by Michael Tan)
A panel conversation amongst our international and local speakers, for their perspectives on the value of arts-based programmes tailored for an ageing population, exploring the elements needed for successful engagement.
19 Sep 2016 | 375 Views
by Chua Ai Liang, Director (Arts & Communities)
19 Sep 2016 | 203 Views

19 Sep 2016 | 161 Views
Yoko Hayashi, Representative Director of Arts Alive & Professor of arts management at Shobi University (JPN)
Hayashi will review the position of arts in the rapidly ageing community of Japan, including trends in the national care system, issue of care for dementia, and some good practices of implementation of arts for dementia prevention, along with challenges faced in implementation.
19 Sep 2016 | 207 Views